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Environmental Performance Award for Hardwood Specialists

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Consideration for the environment - a priority at timber importers and merchants Sykes Timber - won them a Midlands regional Forum for Rethinking Construction and Employment (FORCE) award for Environmental Performance.

Brothers Richard and Bob Sykes are the fifth generation in an unbroken family line to run the 150 year-old business, which trades from a ten-acre purpose built site in Atherstone, Warwickshire.

Nominees for the award had to demonstrate significant use of environmental techniques within the business, a philosophy that Sykes Timber puts into practice.

Richard Sykes said they were delighted to be recognised for their efforts: "There is an element of recycling or waste reduction in all our processes. The dust extraction unit allows shavings to be recycled to heat and power some of our buildings and selected wood waste is segregated and re-cycled for animal bedding. Storage sheds have high quality translucent roofing panels to reduce energy consumption, and extensive use is made of natural air drying techniques to minimise the energy required for the final kilning process, we also have modern water management systems in place."

Sykes Timber's commitment to sustainable timber production also extends to planting around 28,000 trees in its own woodlands throughout the Midlands. The company is able to supply home grown Hardwood from this source.

Collecting the award Richard Sykes commented "We have always felt that environmental performance should begin at home with actions speaking louder than words. By embracing this concept the Timber trade has a golden opportunity to capitalise on the environmental benefits of wood and wood products."

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