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Chestnut cladding boards

Chestnut Cladding

Side of a showroom constructed with Western Red Cedar Cladding

Western Red Cedar Cladding

A building made with Larch Cladding showing how the cladding weathers to a silver grey colour

Weathered Larch Cladding

Standard Sections

Closed face shiplap (ideal for horizontal cladding)

Planed Tongue and groove v (ideal for vertical cladding)

Planed all round – chamfered edges (rainscreen)

Feather edge – sawn face finish

Typical Timber Choices

Western Red Cedar

No.2 clear only – no knots or sap, thoroughly air dried. Outstanding durability and beautiful appearance, very low movement in service.

Siberian Larch

Hard wearing and beautiful timber – attractive grain pattern and limited small knots.

European Oak

Available clear or knotty mellow appearance and long lasting durability.

Sweet Chestnut

Also naturally durable with no need for preservative treatment clean and clear appearance – very similar to Oak – available in very long (6.0m) lengths.


All the above timbers have outstanding natural durability – they can all be left to weather to a silver grey finish or coated with a range of suitable finishes available from Sykes Timber.

A profile of closed face shiplap Western Red Cedar Cladding            A profile of closed face shiplap European Oak Cladding            A profile of closed face shiplap Chestnut Cladding

‘Closed Face’ Shiplap

A contemporary sleek appearance similar in appearance to an open joint tongue and groove but with the rain shedding properties that are essential for horizontal cladding. Rounded edges soften the look and are important if a finished coating is to be applied.

Left: Western Red Cedar
Centre : European Oak
Right : Chestnut

A profile of feather edge Siberian Larch Cladding

Feather Edge

Ideal for a sawn finish overlapping board – very economical to produce and gives a natural looking timber finish suitable for coating or weathering. Individual boards are overlapped with a minimum 25 – 30mm lap.

Example: Siberian Larch

Western Red Cedar Cladding in a planed tongue and groove profile

Planed Tongue and Groove

Most often used for vertical external cladding. Can be secret fixed with an angle nail on the tongue edge or machined to an ‘offset t + g’ for a straight nail secret fix. Usually machined with a small chamfer on both edges of one face to form a ‘v’ as the boards come together.

Example: Western Red Cedar

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