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Timber Selection and Seasoning

We all appreciate wood for its aesthetic qualities; more difficult is the understanding of its properties - what makes certain timbers particularly suitable for external uses, others ideal for turnery or for veneers.

All timbers have their own strengths and weaknesses; each particular species is unique. Effective design must take account of these factors to ensure that the right wood is chosen for the right job. Even within particular species natural characteristics, as well as grain patterns, can be used to their best advantage. A good example is the use of quarter sawn timber for door stiles to ensure that this important door component is as stable as possible.

With a wide range of end uses from heavy marine application to fine decorative moulding, the specification and selection of wood appropriate for the job is paramount. Sykes Timber has over forty different hardwoods and softwoods always in stock.

A small section of our hardwood stock inside our storage sheds

Hardwood sawn boards neatly stacked in our harwood storage sheds

Timber is hygroscopic, it will absorb or lose moisture in relation to the temperature and humidity of the surrounding air, eventually reaching a moisture content that is consistent with the ambient temperature and humidity, this is known as the Equilibrium Moisture Content or E.M.C.

Timber that is kiln dried to 8-10% will be unsuitable in exterior applications, as would unseasoned (wet) timber in an internal centrally heated environment. Appropriate initial moisture content as well as good site practice and design are important tools for minimising timber movement in service. Consequently choosing the right initial moisture content for the job is vital. To ensure that our timber is well seasoned, without causing it to degrade, Sykes Timber makes extensive use of natural air drying methods.

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