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Timber Specification and Design

Choice of finished dimensions is an important element in reducing wastage and therefore cost, significant quantities of good quality timber are wasted in shavings and offcuts for the sake of a minor adjustment in finished sizes. Sykes Timber can give advice regarding standard "nominal" sizes and suitable "finished" equivalents.

Recent research into secondary species and lesser grades suggests that many timbers can be used with greater economy using trees that are usually ignored and secondary log lengths or even forest thinnings to maximise timber yield. Koto, a secondary West African timber, is available from our extensive range of hardwoods.

Increasing use of laminated timber sections can also increase the design possibilities, structural suitability and final appearance of timber. We are able to laminate thicknesses and widths to build up sections as required.

A small timber cabin

Side view of a building with cedar cladding

An engineering pattern made in Jelutong

Interal cladding in cedar

Wood has been responsible for shaping our past and used for as long as man has walked the earth; for basic shelter, tools and transport and developed throughout our history for uses as diverse as warships and violins.

Correctly specified and designed wood outperforms its competitors with the added advantage of tactile and visual appeal, good insulation, low energy use in conversion and efficient recycling of waste. Timber cultivated and harvested as a crop, absorbing CO²; and releasing oxygen, and used efficiently, is the perfect answer to society's quest to balance modern living with a respect for the environment.

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